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Project Name- RepArchive


We got RepArchive, an E-Commerce store, when it was already driving some traffic and was struggling to reach #1 or any top position on Google. The owner said he had paid thousands of dollars to SEO experts and Agencies but have got minimal or no results. He was unwilling to spend another penny on false promises and minimal results. We assured him that if we are unable to rank we would return every single penny paid to us and so, he agreed. We started of with a site had been previously in  hands of many SEO experts and companies and was brutally affected, it had no harmony in the schema and was completely half worked on. Even the basic SEO was messed up it did not even had a complete sitemap covering all the pages. We gave a lot of time fixing the On-Page and then started out to Off-Page today after qa month the site ranks #1 on almost all of the 5 keywords given to us by the owner and he says he had made more sales in a month due to being on the top[ in 1 month then  the sales he had made in 6 months combined. From #13 to #3 and from #11 to #1 in a month while using only 100% White Hat SEO practices is a rare result these days.

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