Why keywords are important

Why keywords are important

There is still a huge debate on how keywords can affect the search engine ranking of a website. This is because there are lots of criteria that search engines look for when trying to rank the websites on their pages.

keywords and searches

Although people would typically get their sites’ pages visible to search engines. However, the catch is will they get into the first and second page of the search engine?

Most especially in Google wherein a lot of web owners and agencies race to get their sites on the first page. It is like a reward that everyone is wishing for because it only means that more traffic will start coming into your site. But it is not always easy-peasy, you’ll need to be ready for the challenges that come along with it.

The Power of Keywords

No matter what people say about keywords, it must be always your priority in SEO. It does not only give an insight into what the page is all about but gives search engines the impression of how relevant your page is to every search.

This only entails that you must put an effort into keyword analysis. By determining the volume of searches of every keyword on your chosen topic or niche. In this way, you’ll not only know the search volume but the competition of every keyword as well.

After you have established the keywords that you will use, it is now time to consider the other factors. By doing it one step at a time, you become organized and closer to your goal.

The other most common factors aside from keywords that are also crucial to every SEO campaign are the following:

  • Title and meta description
  • Links
  • Images and their alt description
  • The originality of the content
  • Readability score
  • Headings and highlighted texts

Those are only a few of the many factors that you must consider if you want to rank high on search engine searches.

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