The Kamikaze

This plan is the real deal, the ultimate digital amrketing service you will ever need. We take care of all your Social Media, SEO, PPC Campaigns and E-mail Marketing Campaigns. We dedicate and in house team to your cause and work day and night to achieve your goals for you. All your content will be made and posted by us. We eliminate your costs of having  Digital Marketing teams and outsourcing the entire thing to top notch agency with fractional costs of having in house employees. 

  • Everything in “Rage Plan” + upto 15 Keywords
  • Press Release
  • Online PR Management
  • In house Dedicated Team For All Your Content
  • Super Activity Across All Social Media Platforms
  • Brand Mentions
  • 5 Influencer Posts
  • Advanced PPC optimisation and Google Ads Management

Probably the best and most comprehensive plan out there. Your company would be recognised by many in no time a special in house team will be dedicated to only your project. All the content will be written, plan and published by us. 5 Different Influencers related to your niche will post about your brand. Sales are a sure thing with this plan. If you want to make an impact quickly with constantly gaining customers without worrying about your digital marketing and completely outsourcing every aspect of it for greater results in fraction of the cost of an in house team.

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