The Future of Search Engine Optimization

Future of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been an integral part of the success many businesses. However, throughout the years many has already been neglecting the best practices. Some individuals thought that SEO does not make any sense anymore in today’s marketing processes.

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The main reason for this is the prevalence of paid ads which literally becomes a shortcut compared to organic traffic that is gotten by SEO. With paid ads, the link to your site will be automatically placed on the top of the search results.

The question is, SEO is still relevant nowadays? Totally yes, because people still click links that are ranked manually. They tend to have more reputation than the ones that are only there on the top are only there because they paid for it.

You can usually spot the paid ads from the organic ones as the paid ones have some sort of a marking that says they are paid ads. Technically, the ones with more clicks are more efficient but requires more budget to do so.

The Impact of SEO in Today’s World

SEO will never fade perhaps will just continue to become better. It will innovate to cope up with the ongoing pursuit of competition on the internet. As a matter of fact, SEO is not only for search engines alone nowadays. It is also a determining factor for the success of a brand.

We can actually see the great benefits of SEO on social media and tube sites. The descriptions that contain keywords really make a difference. The ones with better SEO practices are usually shown in the suggested portion of the sites page.

For example in YouTube, the most popular videos are placed either on the homepage or at the right side of the screen every time you play a video. Those videos are called suggested videos.

There is a specific algorithm used by such sites to determine what content they will put on their webpages. It is based on the keywords used and second is popularity.

The same goes with other sites such as Facebook which also integrates SEO not only on text posts but as well as with their videos. It only entails that the continuous use of SEO is an integral component of marketing.


It might be a challenge to implement all the best practices of SEO. However, once you have mastered all of it, everything will be worth it. This will give you a good run for a slot on the first page of Google or whatever site you are trying to rank. Nevertheless, SEO will give you an edge over your competitors that is why using the best practices is a must.

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