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SEO or search engine optimization is the most essential element of web presence. In 2020 getting a website is no longer profitable or of any use if it doesn’t show up to your potential clients on search engines, if you don’t rank on search engines you are essentially facing a silent loss which may become brutal after few years and the ones who are at #1 will continue to get more business and steal your potential clients. Think about it.

Local SEO

Local SEO is essential if you are a business who serves customers at a physical location. You would want to get listed if someone searches for business services you provide. Many individuals search catchphrases which are intended to find them a appropriate business or organization quickly. If you are a local business you would want to consider ranking on local intended searches along with basic SEO.

PPC / Ad Campaigns

PPC – Pay Per Click  Ad Campaigns are the quickest way to sell your products or services to a large number of targeted people without having to wait for your website to show at #1 on search engines. This is good for a number of niches or domains that might benefit from direct ads and have a profit margin incurring the PPC costs.

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