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we are a modern SEO Agency helping businesses to Rank high on search engines and increase their visibility so their potential customers can find them easily and the business grows. Your business website can get more organic traffic through many channels and you can get a good return on investment.

The difference between us and other marketing agencies is, 

“We provide results and we guarantee it and we build on a framework which is easy to maintain for your future teams and provides results. We will walk that extra mile, hell, countless extra miles to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.”

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our client 3x their sales and traffic in 1 month


Probably The Best Out There


SEO or search engine optimization is the most essential element of web presence. In 2020 getting a website is no longer profitable or of any use if it doesn’t show up to your potential clients on search engines, if you don’t rank on search engines you are essentially facing a silent loss which may become brutal after few years and the ones who are at #1 will continue to get more business and steal your potential clients. Think about it.

Local SEO

Local SEO is essential if you are a business who serves customers at a physical location. You would want to get listed if someone searches for business services you provide. Many individuals search catchphrases which are intended to find them a appropriate business or organization quickly. If you are a local business you would want to consider ranking on local intended searches along with basic SEO.

PPC / Ad Campaigns

PPC – Pay Per Click  Ad Campaigns are the quickest way to sell your products or services to a large number of targeted people without having to wait for your website to show at #1 on search engines. This is good for a number of niches or domains that might benefit from direct ads and have a profit margin incurring the PPC costs.


all our plans include all the SEO elements stated above.

progress reports will be shared every 15 days.

Our Services


  • Complete SEO upto 5 Keywords
  • Google Business Listing
  • Basic Social Media Marketing
  • Complete Website Audit With Report
  • Google Ads Setup

This plan suits business who want to start out making their digital personna, the results can be seen as quick as 1 month. This will help you boost and establish your online presence in a very structured way which will help you in the long run.


  • Everything in  “Invader Plan” + upto 8 Keywords
  • Complete Social Media Marketing
  • 10 Blog Posts
  • Lead Generation Website
  • Google Ads Management

This plan suits business who want to get the most of digital marketing and wish to drive leads and traffic very efficiently on tough keywords which are harder to rank for. We specialise in delivering results in the provided time.  You can expect to rank better immediately with this hardcore plan.

The Kamikaze

  • Everything in “Rage Plan” + upto 15 Keywords
  • Press Release
  • Online PR Management
  • In house Dedicated Team For All Your Content
  • Super Activity Across All Social Media Platforms
  • Brand Mentions
  • 5 Influencer Posts
  • Advanced PPC optimisation and Google Ads Management

Probably the best and most comprehensive plan out there. Your company would be recognised by many in no time a special in house team will be dedicated to only your project. All the content will be written, plan and published by us. 5 Different Influencers related to your niche will post about your brand. Sales are a sure thing with this plan. If you want to make an impact quickly with constantly gaining customers without worrying about your digital marketing and completely outsourcing every aspect of it for greater results in fraction of the cost of an in house team.

All our plans come with Improvement or Money Back Guarantee. If we fail to provide you improvements every single penny will be refunded.

So you can be rest assured that your business is safe and in good hands and we are here for you.

**Money back Guarantee is only applicable on sites which already rank on Google and have no penalty imposed on them due to volition of guidelines or any misconduct.

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